Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Photoshoot & Contact Sheets

The Photoshoot
I personally think that the photoshoot went fantastically, and had better results than I thought.  I think the main reason for this is that there was no way of me seeing even an example of what I wanted to do in my tests because I needed someone that could actually do pole fitness.  Claire was an amazing model as is she an amazing Pole fitness instructor and dancer.  She helped me with all ideas and got really into the shoot, kept thinking of new things to try to create all kinds of shapes and motions. The nicest thing for me is that she had never seen anything like long exposure dance photography before, so it made her more excited and interested. We worked through a couple of hours of trying every move we could think of together and came out with lots of great results.  She had brought some different colour clothing with her and I shot sections of the shoot in the other colours.  The lighting was fine throughout the whole of the body movement shoot and I kept it the same so that they all looked the same, I didn't want to change too much from what I had at the test shoots.  I love looking at all of the images next too each other because some of them just look so different from one another, that the thing I found most interesting.  If I had longer on the shoot I could have maybe changed the lighting slightly to make just the motions a bit less orangey, but I am happy with the overall result.

The Contact Sheets
I have placed every Image taken on the shoot next to each other in contact sheets.  All images on the post are UN-Edited, and are straight from camera.  Looking at a whole shoot on contact sheets can be really important.  It is a great way to start the first selection processing of narrowing the images down to form the series.  When looking at contact sheets you can see images that stand out as being odd or wrong, in frame or touching the edge of frame, and this is a good way of eliminating images.  I can already see some favourite's of mine from these images, but will show on the eliminating process.

As you can see above, the last part of the photoshoot I did actually use the LED lights.  I really like that I was able to squeeze in some shots of the lights because they are really effective.  It's a shame that I actually changed the lighting for when using these lights because I didn't need to.  If I had kept the lighting the same as it was for the original shoot and jus added the LED light to my model then I would have been able to see the dancer as well as the light circles.  When looked at bigger the lines of light are very effective, the possibilities are endless.  I should have maybe started trying out the LED lights sooner so that I had more time to shoot with them as I may of tried changing the lights after a while.  The original ideas of the lights came from John Spence's work, so I should have kept the whole image the same lighting set up as before, so I could see the movement and lights, not just the lights.  I'm still happy with my motion long exposures though and will start the editing process next.  

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